Champagne Armand de Brignac

Armand de brignac

Armand de Brignac Champagne is a prestige champagne brand owned by The Cattier family and has a history dating back to 1763. Armand de Brignac has won praise from wine critics and connoisseurs across the globe culminating with the recent selection of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold as the No. 1 Champagne in the World in a blind tasting of 1,000 brands and in 2016 was voted the No. 1 Blanc de Noirs Champagne.

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Classified by the Comité Interprofessional du vin de Champagne and the Institut National des Appellations d'Origine, their cellars that are among the deepest and oldest in the Champagne region. The Cattier family, producers of Armand de Brignac, have a rich history as an elite Champagne house in the tiny village of Chigny les Roses and have owned and cultivated family vineyards since 1763. Today, Patriarch Jean-Jacques Cattier oversees the Chateau’s wine production; with strictly limited annual yields ensuring that the family’s artisanal winemaking traditions are kept alive in each bottle. The Cattier cellars have three styles of architecture represented in the caverns: Gothic, Renaissance, and Roman; Armand de Brignac is aged in a special, gated section of the deepest part of these cellars, 119 steps underground. Centuries spent perfecting the art of Champagne are put to use in each Armand de Brignac cuvée.


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