French Company Incorporation


Bureaucracy and paperwork can be difficult in your mother tongue but in a foreign language it can be daunting. It is obligatory to file statutory documents for company incorporations in France and to ensure that you have the statutes (the operating manual if you like!) of your company correct from the start and mistakes or omissions can be costly to correct.

Additionally you have the choice of how you intend to operate:


Société Anonyme (SA) – The most sophisticated french company trading style that requires seven company officers and is entitled to launch publicly.
Société à responsabilité limitée (SARL) a company that has limited liability to the amount of the company share issue with at least two officers.
Société par actions simplifée (SAS) – a recent style of corporate trading and tailored towards holding companies and foreign corporations wishing to retain total control over subsidiaries.
Société par actions simplifée unipersonnelle (SASU) – this is a one person SAS.
l’Entreprise unipersonnelle à responsabilité limitée (EURL) – this is a one person operative SARL.

The use of an appropriately qualified legal professional to advise you upon your particular circumstance and to deal with the paperwork is imperative for company incorporations in France.


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