Property Issues in France


Property purchases and such.

Although the utilisation of a solicitor to purchase property is not obligatory in France it may be advisable, particularly if you are not competent to read or speak the language. Lawyers charges would be an additional cost to the fees of the purchase.

In France it is the Notaire who is designated specifically for the business of property transactions. The Notaire is an independent public official and is charged with authenticating all deeds and documents in the property transaction. A property can be neither bought nor sold without the intervention of a Notaire, in brief they will:


  • Validate and confirm details of any charges affecting the property
  • Validate details of title and any third party rights to the property
  • Validate that the property conforms to the relevant laws and regulations viz
  • land registry
  • zoning restrictions
  • planning authorities
  • To prepare the “acte authentique de vente” or purchase deed.
  • To collect all fees in respect of the transaction and forward them to the appropriate local or regional authorities
  • To receive the funding for the agreed purchase price (including mortgage funds from a third party) and to deliver them to the seller

A lawyer can assist with any disputes that may arise with regards to your property at a later date.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page does not set out to give anything other than a glimpse of certain aspects of this area of French Law. Professional advice should always be sought from a qualified French lawyer.


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