Doing Business in Spain


Live and work in Spain – Spain is now officially one of the Worlds’ most popular countries in which to live and work, we can offer advice and hands on assistance in buying a business in Spain, selling a business in Spain or expanding your current business in Spain.

Our specialised services include:


Hotels in Spain – you may be considering purchasing a hotel in Spain, you may need advice on registering for VAT (IVA) in Spain, or registering for tax in Spain, property law Spain, employment law in Spain. You may want to sell a hotel in Spain and need advice on tax savings in Spain


Restaurants in Spain – you may want to buy a restaurant in Spain, rent a restaurant in Spain and may need legal advice on property leases in Spain, or buying a commercial property in Spain, similarly you may need advice on labour law in Spain to ensure you have the correct contracts for your staff. You may need legal advice on selling a restaurant in Spain or closing a business in Spain, N5 Group - Immobilière Mottram work with a qualified panel of experts to assist you.

Bars in Spain – you may want to buy a bar in Spain, rent a bar in Spain, or sell a bar in Spain, you may need legal advice on taking out a mortgage in Spain, commercial loan in Spain and on tax obligations in Spain, commercial legal obligations in Spain.

Commerce – setting up a commercial outlet in Spain, a home based business in Spain
Wholesale in Spain, you may need advice to buy a factory in Spain, rent a factory in Spain,
Retail in Spain, whether on a small or large scale you may need a solicitor in Spain to advise on commercial property law,or advise upon commercial leases in Spain, you may wish to buy a shop in Spain, rent a locale in Spain, you may need a solicitor in Spain for commercial issues, to ensure the property is fit for purpose under local regulation. N5 Group - Immobilière Mottram can assist in all issues with commercial and retail business in Spain.

IT Business Spain - you may need advice on copyright law in Spain, intellectual property law in Spain, data protection laws in Spain, you may need legal advice on registering domain names in Spain, register a dot cat domain or register a dot es domain or register a dot com domain.

Tourism – in Spain there are strict laws governing tourism and you may need legal advice for tourism business in Spain, licences for tourism are as a rule required for all property that is let for tourism purposes.

Camping – You may require legal advice regarding health and safety issues, labour laws, tourism licence, Law Office Spain can assist you in all aspects of your project.

Golf Based Tourism – you may require Law Office Spain to advise upon the legality of a proposed project or to oversee any grant funding application.

Fishing Based tourism – in addition to your tourism licence you will require permits to fish and to enable your guests to fish – Law Office Spain can assist you.

Organised Group Tourism – you may wish to share your knowledge of a region in Spain, offering accommodation and your insight into Spain, you may need advice from a qualified solicitor in Spain on the legal obligations you may have or you may require assistance with the possibility of grant assistance for tourism enterprises in Spain.

Professional Services Spain – Spain is now party to the new EU convention of Harmonisation and recognition of professional qualifications and prior to any move to Live and Work in Spain it may be prudent to speak with your own professional organisation in your home country having regard to the ‘DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications’ and how this may or may not affect your status. A solicitor in Spain will be able to assist with the law in respect of professional employment law in Spain.

Registering the correct Spanish company is very important, Law Office Spain can offer a fast and straight forward Spanish company incorporation service.


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