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Exclusive apartments in the residential areas of Barcelona, the provence of Girona or a luxurious house on the Costa del Sol, in the Girona area in the north or in Lleida, Barcelona or Tarragona in the south, please contact our luxury Spainsh real estate agency Carte Blanche International Realty.

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New Property Developments In Catalonia

Outstanding new developments and off plan projects in Catalonia

We choose and oversee sales of the most interesting and exclusive new developments in Catalonia, selecting outstanding new developments, for their location and their exceptional quality. We sell exclusive flats and apartments in new developments in Catalonia properties with swimming pools and communal areas are ideal for permanent residencies also we have properties in the tourist areas of the Costa Daurada.

We continually update our portfolio, studying the housing market, we regularly update our superb selection of properties for sale in Catalonia.

At Carte Blanche International Realty, we present you with exclusive Spanish properties, luxury villas for sale and luxury apartments for sale in Catalonia & the Balearic Islands.

We have many years experience in the Spanish real estate market and are especially familiar with the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Barcelona, Sitges, Gava Mar, Castelldefels & Cambrils:

If you are considering buying a fantastic apartment in Cambrils an exclusive penthouse on the coast, a refurbished loft, villa in Castelldefells, a masia in the Girona countryside, we still Carte Blanche International Realty have a property for you.

We would be delighted to show you our portfolio of apartments, houses and properties for sale in the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Catalonia.

Our experienced professionals guide our clients throughout the transaction process with the utmost professionalism and strictest discretion.

Your Real Estate Agency in Spain for Luxury Real Estate and Properties in Spain – Carte Blanche International Realty Spain is the go to realtor for buying and selling properties and luxury real estate, exclusive houses and apartments in the most popular areas of Spain.

Unless you know the area well, the first question any potential buyer asks is where should I buy? In Barcelona? Or on the Costa Brava? At Carte Blanche International Realty Realty our professional realtors can advise any potential buyer of which areas would suit their particular requirements and budget.

What sort of property should I buy?

This is where our expertise can help to decide on the property to suit each buyer. We aim to match the lifestyle you have chosen, if you are looking for a holiday property in Barcelona or the Costa Brava or if you are looking for a long term property. Depending on these and other criteria they will indicate the areas which would best suit your lifestyle choices.

What is your budget?

Just one of the few points you should consider, but our Real Estate professionals will be pleased to guide you in the right direction and show you some suitable properties from which to choose.

What is the buying procedure?

Buying property in Catalonia, Spain is very straightforward, your purchase will be handled professionally and correctly. Our experienced team deal with both buyer and seller when handling negotiations and help with any other questions.

There are three basic stages of the purchase

Reservation Agreement & Deposit.

Buyer and Seller sign a simple reservation agreement and the buyer pays a modest reservation deposit as a gesture of good faith. This confirms the agreement of buyer and seller, subject to the property searches and takes the property off the market, keeping it reserved by the seller for the buyer for an agreed period during which the lawyers will have prepared a Private or Option Contract.

Option Contract.

When lawyers have confirmed that the legal position of the property is in order, the Option contract is drawn up and signed by both buyer and seller.

If all is well it is usual for 10% of the agreed purchase price to be paid by the buyer. This contract is binding on both parties and if the buyer withdraws he forfeits the deposit.


Completion of the purchase takes place at a notary where the deed of conveyance “Escritura Publica” is signed by both parties, the balance of the purchase price is paid and the buyer takes vacant possession of the unencumbered property. The Notary will then lodge the deed at the property registry to assure legal title.

What are the buying costs?

The buying costs depend on the agreed purchase price to cover all your buying fees and taxes, plus an additional fee if you are obtaining a mortgage. The costs are generally:

(i).Transfer Tax.

For property that is not new, the transfer tax in Catalonia (ITP) is now (Nov. 2013) 10% over the agreed selling price. There is no Transfer Tax for new properties which instead are subject to 10% VAT (IVA), plus 1.5% stamp duty of the agreed selling price. For sites, commercial premises or garages the VAT (IVA) is 21%.

(ii). Notary and Land Registry fees.

Fixed by law on a sliding scale, around 0.5% to 1.5% of the purchase price.

(iii). Lawyers’ fees.

This depends on the lawyer or law firm and it is difficult to give a general figure as it is dependent on the value of the property, however, the fee should not be more than 1% of the purchase price. There are lawyers who work on a fixed price.

(iv). Mortgage fees.

An arrangement fee of around 1% of the advance is typical, mortgages are taxed, at around 1.5% of the advance.

After sale support.

After the purchase, Carte Blanche International Realty will always be available for clients to offer any help we can. Usually your lawyer will arrange to change the utilities into your name together with the Town Hall taxes, such as the I.B.I (local community taxes) and the Basura (rubbish collection). Equally, if the property is within a community, there will be community fees to pay that vary according to each community. For advice on insurance, tax, banks, finance or indeed any aspect of living in this wonderful area we can introduce you to the best professionals who will be able to help and guide you.

Annual Taxes.

Being an owner of a property in Spain you are obliged to pay a local, annual property tax called IBI. The amount of this tax depends on the value of the property and, as well, where it is located, different towns and cities apply different percentages so it is not possible to give a concrete figure for it, but you can expect that the annual tax is less than 0.25% of the value of the property.

Additionally, a non-resident owner in Catalonia is obliged to pay two additional taxes



Base for both taxes is the cadastral value (land registry) of the property and there are different bands with different percentages. This means it is difficult to give a general figure, but you can expect both taxes together would rather represent an insignificant amount a year in relation to the purchasing price.

Income Tax for property rentals.

If you decide to rent your property out, you should bear in mind that you should pay a fixed 24.75% of income tax over the profit you generate with this activity.


Foreign real estate investors can now take advantage of the law approved by the Spanish government (commonly known as “Golden Visa”) concerning the granting of residence permits for non-EU citizens who invest 500,000 Euros or more when they invest in real estate in Spain.

The law, passed by the Spanish Parliament and signed by the King Don Juan Carlos I, became operational on September 27, 2013.

Residence in Spain shall also be granted to direct family and dependents of the buyer, i.e. spouses, children that are underage and parents of non EU citizens who invest € 500,000 or more on a property.

Carte Blanche International Realty offers specialized legal service in the purchase of real estate by foreigners in Spain at the disposal of our customers.

What conditions apply for a residence permit in Spain?

  • Make a minimum investment of 500,000 Euros of equity, this can be partially financed through a mortgage.
  • Spouses and underage children may be included in the permit.
  • No minimum period of stay.
  • The status of Non-Resident relating to payable taxes in Spain is maintained.
  • Right to renewal, provided the investment is held.
  • The most important benefits of investing in a property in Spain and gaining a residence permit in Spain are:
  • The right to travel to Spain and all the 27 countries of the Schengen area without a visa.
  • Have a pied-à-terre in a safe country like Spain and extraordinary city like Barcelona which allows you to travel anytime.
  • Investing in a property in Spain a real estate market with great potential for revaluation in the future.
  • Have a second residence in one of the most attractive cities and regions worldwide.
  • Enjoy legal and civil security in a country of the European Union.