Civil Law Issues in France


Droit Civil (civil law), along with droit pénal ( criminal law), droit administratif (administrative law) and droit constitutionnel (constitutional law) provide the four main areas of the French law.

Civil law in general is private law as opposed to criminal issues – or the law that governs contracts or disputes between individuals or organisations – whether corporate or private – and where compensation may be awarded to the victim- the body of statutes that governs this area of french law is set out in the Civil Code of France.


Civil law courts deliver decisions in general as regards disputes that may include:

  • Wills and inheritance
  • Accidents and negligence
  • Property disputes
  • Contractual disputes

This is not an exhaustive list but serves as a guideline.

Needless to state professional representation should be obtained to provide you with the best possible representation to put forward your view on whatever the issue is.

French Civil Code legislation

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page does not set out to give anything other than a glimpse of certain aspects of this area of French Law. Professional advice should always be sought from a qualified French lawyer.


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